Every woman is unique, but somehow we are conditioned to look at others and compare ourselves with other women instead of focusing on ourselves. We are bombarded with opinions, advice, tips and information about how we should optimize our health and happiness. But what works well for one woman, doesn't have to be the right choice for the other. 

While we're so invested in other women's lives, we're automatically not involved in our own. It's time you spend that energy and effort on making up your own rules and figuring out what it means for you to live a healthy and happy life. And I'm here to empower you to make this happen for yourself!

This is for you if ...

✓ you want to build habits and routines in favour of how you feel in your own skin

✓ you keep falling back into routines that have a reversed effect on your physical and/or emotional wellbeing

✓ if you don't give yourself the time to work on - and take care of - yourself


More about Stella

I was the classic people-pleaser. I worried so much about what others thought of me. Especially other women.

I’ve spent more than a decade figuring out what I need to maintain a healthy body and a happy mind. And now, I can honestly say I’ve built a strong set of routines and habits that fit my lifestyle perfectly. 

It took me years of putting in 'the work' and learning 'the stuff' until I've found out how to stay on top of my physical and mental health regardless of how busy or stressed life can be.

The women who went before you

Before Stella’s coaching, I was feeling rather lost in the health department. I honestly felt like I had tried everything during the past few years: from different diets to different workout routines, however, nothing seemed to work long term or even at all. Being too strict with myself always backfired into it never being sustainable. It didn’t even work when I thought I was working out and eating ‘by the books’ for a longer period of time.

However, this literally all changed after Stella’s coaching. She immediately pinpointed my pain points as the true expert that she is. I think her power lies in her holistic approach to women’s health. For instance, she does not only look at food intake + movement but also looked at my eating habits, where they originate from, recurring patterns, my mindset around a healthy lifestyle, hormones, the detrimental effects of stress on your body, just to name a few. 

Instead, Stella focuses on sustainability and tailored her advice and approach to what fitted ME, rather than just anyone else. And the results came like clockwork: with just a few slight adjustments and some very helpful tips and tricks (for example to prevent overeating), I finally feel like I have found balance in my health WITHOUT having any restrictions. Not only did I lose several kilos in just a few days, it was literally effortless and they have stayed off ever since.

My cravings are almost gone, and whenever I have them, I can now honour them guilt-free. Stella firmly believes that restriction and putting too much pressure on your body is NOT a recipe for a healthy balanced body and mind, and I couldn’t agree more with her on that one! Stella is a true expert and I can’t thank her enough.”

- Isabelle van Olphen

I'm not doing it alone!

I’ve got an amazing support system of wonderful women experts all with their own specific areas of expertise when it comes to female health and wellbeing. I chose these women because I know through my own experience that they are amazing at what they do

I can discuss your more complex questions with them or refer you to them if necessary. This way you don’t have to figure out yourself what type of professional or expert you need to help you with your specific situation. 


Laura van de Vorst

CEO & Co-founder of HealthcoachFX

Functional nutritionist & hormone balance expert


Your time & money

Like no other, I know what a busy schedule can be like. So I want to make it as easy as possible for you.

You decide the frequency of the coaching and the location, off -or online.