The Happy Women Company didn't start overnight. It has been an idea in my head that has been taking form over the course of many years. I always knew how I got a lot of energy out of helping out my own girlfriends or giving them advice. As the years go by, topics you discuss with your friends evolve together with the phase of life you are in at that specific moment. But there's one thing that never changes: the big question we keep asking ourselves: how to become the version of yourself you dream of most. 

In the pursuit of health and happiness, we put a lot of pressure on our own shoulders and raise the bar incredibly high. We must have a successful career, the perfect partner, the perfect body, vibrant social life and healthy relationships with everyone in our direct environment. And with the rising of the social media era, we are exposed to this same journey of other women too, which has created a culture of excessive comparison. It has made it even more difficult to find our own authentic voice that allows us to live through our own values while we are influenced by what others expect us to be like.

I want The Happy Women Company to be a platform for young women around the world that are motivated and passionate to make the necessary changes and the right choices that will help them be successful and happy. Success and happiness have a different meaning for every individual. This platform is not meant to tell you how you should be, think and behave. Its ultimate goal is to build a community of young women that inspires them to connect with others and lift each other up.

I want it to be the opportunity to become aware of the full potential you already have inside of you. The Happy Women Company must be a place filled with pure, honest content about personal growth, hormonal health, nutrition and exercise, and how these are tools you can use to pave your own way. Every woman can create that perfect life for herself, she only has to truly believe it herself. I can only hope THWC's community of women helps you grow, develop en reach for the sky!