A community for young women that advocates the power of sisterhood.

A space to come together and connect over the things that matter to young women in nowadays' world such as hormonal health, sex, mental wellbeing, personal development, professional development, nutrition and exercise.

Breaking taboos, pushing limits and letting go of the pressure that all aspects of life have to be perfect!

The Accountability Partner Programme

 (APP) supports young women in their 20s to stick to their daily routines and intentions in terms of nutrition, exercise, sex (& love) so that they can easily balance their busy lifestyle and take care of their health and happiness at the same time.

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Upcoming Grown-Up Girl Talks are first announced in the
Happy Women Newsletter

Live sessions a.k.a.
'Grown-Up Girl Talks'

✓ One-hour, interactive sessions

✓ Serious and relevant topics for young women

✓ Always a female expert as guest-speaker

✓ A safe space without judgement

✓ Breaking down - and talking about - taboos

✓ Bringing together like-minded women

In-depth & fact-checked blog

In-depth blog posts about personal development, healthy eating, exercise routines, recipes and hormonal health

Every science-based blogpost is fact-checked - or co-written with - one or more experts

Useful PDF guides to put the information into practice.